Find out how we are helping users monetize their personal data, documents, and digital assets

The big data industry generates $161 billion dollars annually.

Why are you making ZERO

FUTR is creating a more equitable relationship between users, data, and companies.
FUTR is Web3’s first all-in-one personal life management vault, letting you monetize your data and earn $FUTR tokens each time you secure your documents and data in our bank-rated FUTR vaults.

Institutional Security for Individuals

FUTR’s custom data vaults are bank-rated with Type2-SocII designation, we are bringing institutional security to the consumer market.

Who really owns your DATA?

Institutional Grade Data Protection

Our Bank-rated data vaults use the same technology that North America's largest financial service companies use everyday. We are bringing unparalleled data protection to the consumer market

Data Monetization

Our Data-to-Earn token economy enables you to earn $FUTR tokens each time you upload a document to your vault

Enterprise Participation

FUTR brings users and companies together, letting users sell their information directly to companies, breaking away from Big-Tech’s chokehold on the data economy

Smart Shopping

Our RFP portal let companies offer you hyper targeted deals, based on the information you willingly sold to them.

Our Partners

FUTRs is pioneering the Data-to-Earn movement

FUTR brings Web3 gamification to the data storage industry. It starts with the ability to let users monetize their data and earn $FUTR tokens each time they use their FUTR Vault. This is only possible through FUTR’s D2E layer and the anonymized Data-marketplace, we lets third-parties access Zero-Party Data, and for the first time ever, let users monetize their data instead of big-tech monetizing it for them.

FUTR lets you monetize your digital footprint in just 3 easy steps

Step 1

Download the FUTR app from the App or Google play store and initiate your wallet to create your vault and starting securing your life’s most critical documents, data and digital assets

Step 2

Once you have set up your vault FUTR will pay YOU each time you upload a document. Everytime you consent to letting third-parties access your vault data as well, you will also earn additional $FUTR token bonuses.

Step 3

After receiving $FUTR tokens, you can keep them in your wallet, or spend them through your RFP portal, which offers highly custom deals based on the vault data you have let third parties access.

Organize your life.
Monetize your world.